A Message from The Dean

Greetings LESD Online Academy Community,

The beautiful spring season is upon us. With the gorgeous weather comes a rejuvenated excitement for the final weeks of our school year. We thank you for your continued support as we navigate our unique learning platform. We are hitting our stride and are ready to make this quarter our most successful yet. As we maintain a focus on success and student achievement, we wish to provide some tips for supporting student learning at home.

Daily Routine

  • Maintaining a consistent routine is essential in student success. 
  • Class begins at 7:20 a.m., and the school day is busy. 
  • Is your student beginning their morning routine with enough time for a punctual arrival to class?
  • Does your student eat breakfast before class?
  • How does the morning routine prepare your student for the day of learning ahead?
  • Does your student have time set aside to complete homework and skill practice?
  • Engaging in the learning and practice of skills with your student supports their growth and sends a message that learning is collaborative and important. 

Learning Space

  • A learning environment free of unnecessary distractions allows our students to engage fully in the day’s learning.
  • Making sure your student is out of bed and seated in an upright position provides the extra boost of energy our minds and bodies need to be successful.
  • The expectation is for all students and staff to engage in learning with their cameras on. Does our learning environment allow the opportunity to do this?
  • The goal is 100% engagement. 
  • How are our students taking advantage of opportunities to interact with their peers and instructors? 

Goals and Progress

  • It’s about progress, not perfection. 
  • Collaborate with your child to identify one or two areas of improvement each week. 
  • What is one thing your student can work to improve? How can we support your student in accomplishing this goal?
  • Together with your child, set behavioral expectations and review them daily.
  • Mark daily progress (even on not-so-good days) with stickers, pennies, pebbles, etc. It’s important to visualize growth. 
  • Rewarding accomplishments and successes can motivate future effort and progress. What are some opportunities to recognize the hard work that goes into achieving goals?


  • Assuming positive intent helps maintain a positive collaborative environment for our students.
  • Regular communication with your student’s classroom teacher is vital. We should aim to find three to five opportunities to communicate regarding student progress. 
  • This open communication allows the student’s system of support to identify areas of strength and areas that need attention in a timely and efficient manner.

Thank you for all you do to help support positive learning experiences for all our students. Thank you for your trust. Be well. Be safe. Be kind.

Best regards,

Mia De La Rosa

Mia De La Rosa
Dean of Students