Our School

The LESD Online Academy is virtual for students, but our teachers instruct live from the Littleton STEM Academy campus. Our focus is on raising student achievement, growing the community within our online school platform, and enhancing our knowledge and learning with our student and family partners.

Synchronous & Asynchronous Learning

Synchronous Learning
During our regular school hours when teachers are on the STEM Academy campus, students learn synchronously (live with the teacher and other students in the classroom). Teachers set the live, synchronous learning times for each subject and communicate the schedule to their online students and families so students are prepared, online, and  present for the lesson.

Asynchronous Learning
Online Academy students also have the opportunity to learn asynchronously, outside of the regular school hours. These students may work on independent learning during the course of the school day, after school, or at a time that best suits each family’s needs.